About ITDreamwire

[sh_what_we_offer title=”Serious Internet for Serious Business” text=” As the world migrates to the cloud, starting with SaaS driven models, it is now more critical than ever to better enable these services within business campuses. Unfortunately, many building managers today leave these challenges to their tenants, when they should be focusing on how to attract and maintain tenants that increasingly rely upon online services. ITDreamwire was born out of the realization that a partnership between building owners and managers, with a company providing a better-quality internet connection service at affordable rates, would yield a far superior solution for its tenants.” sub_title=”Cloud Service Provider”]

We believe that access to the cloud requires a new generation of secure internet connectivity free from performance issues and outages. We believe in a hybrid cloud service that enables the use of multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for failover, is optimized for Virtual Desktop and VoIP services, and prioritizes business-critical applications across the internet. The ITDreamwire hybrid cloud service replaces a costly and unresponsive single ISP model, with a modern SD-WAN foundation for services which are individualized to meet the needs of all tenants within a commercial building.

To bring this service into a building, we partner with the building owners/managers to create additional revenue streams from the internet service AND related IT services at their properties. We work with these properties to introduce a building based internet service model that enhances the property’s value to its tenants, and monetizes the services for the building. The service model revolves around multi-tenant buildings with ten or more tenants and two or more ISPs at each building location.