Dreamwire Services

Dreamwire Internet

Our Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution enhances internet circuits with Intelligent Load Balancing, Dynamic QoS, Same IP Failover, and Plug and Play provisioning. When used as part of a redundant internet connection scheme it can optimize traffic, prioritize business services, provide seamless fail-over, offer better reliability, and enhance the quality of internet connectivity at your building.


As a Direct Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider), we provide the Azure & Office365 cloud directly to your office so that it never hits the open internet. The Dreamwire Internet service passes traffic between Microsoft and your office through tunnels with QoS and Intelligent Load Balancing. This creates a more reliable adoption of Microsoft services for tenants in the building: O365 Licenses

Dreamwire Voice

Dreamwire Voice is an award-winning VoIP phone service that offers businesses of all sizes a scalable communication solution. Convenience, availability, cost, service, and technology make Dreamwire Voice the right solution for your business VoIP services.

Dreamwire SD-WAN

We use proprietary technology to identify Cloud, VoIP, Citrix, and RDP traffic, even when it’s inside an HTTPS connection. This allows us to differentiate traffic from other HTTPS traffic like video or web browsing. We then apply high-priority QoS and Load Balancing to our prioritized sessions to ensure improved performance. Our Dynamic QoS system automatically prioritizes all traffic, and our load balancing algorithms will put sessions on the circuit(s) with the best performance at any moment in time.

Backup and Recovery

Cloud backup and recovery solutions offer tenants a way to scale their backup space requirements based on utilization. These solutions differ in terms of cost, availability and diversity of information storage, speed, transfer costs, and other factors. ITDreamwire partners with vendors to provide reliable backup and recovery solutions for a wide range of these tenant business needs ensuring they work when your business needs them. Feel confident relying on modern Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) cloud enabled solutions, by leveraging those we have made available on-net at your building.

Cloud Services

As a cloud service provider ITDreamwire partners with vendors to provide reliable cloud solutions for a wide range of business needs. Whether you are looking for specific solutions, or generally wanting to explore cloud and hybrid solutions, we have you covered. Because our internet improves the performance of every cloud across every internet connection, it is easy to adopt a wide variety of solutions. With so many options to choose from, let us help you choose the right solution. We have dedicated solutions providers on staff who can help you navigate the right cloud service provider and service for your business needs.

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