Cloud backup and recovery solutions offer tenants a way to scale their backup space requirements based on utilization. These solutions differ in terms of cost, availability and diversity of information storage, speed, transfer costs, and other factors. ITDreamwire partners with vendors to provide reliable backup and recovery solutions for a wide range of these tenant business needs ensuring they work when your business needs them. Feel confident relying on modern Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) cloud enabled solutions, by leveraging those we have made available on-net at your building.

Whether you are looking for specific solutions, or generally wanting to make sure your critical information is stored securely off-site, we have you covered. One of the biggest challenges tenants face in trying to select the right service, is understanding what services match best with their existing IT environment. In addition to making vendor pricing easily available through the building portal, we are here to help provide direction around the unique requirements some tenants may face.

If your building is not shown in the Building Portal lookup, GET QUOTE, and we will work with your building management to bring these services to your location! We can still work with you now to find the right backup and recovery provider for your business needs.