VPN Enhancement

Dreamwire Internet adds auto-failover and Dynamic QoS to your existing VPNs. Keep your preferred firewalls and let our system provide the SD-WAN foundation for VPN Enhancement to get better reliability and performance than MPLS. Dreamwire is the perfect SD-WAN foundation for every site-to-site VPN. Dreamwire adds seamless-failover, intelligent routing, and QoS over broadband to your existing VPNs.

Dreamwire Internet is built on the Bigleaf SD-WAN foundation which makes it easy to add VPN Enhancement for every site-to-site VPN. Installation of a Bigleaf router at other locations is simple and will enable seamless-failover, intelligent routing, and QoS for your VPN site-to-site connections. We will even work with your other locations to bring Dreamwire Internet services online.

[BIGLEAF SD-WAN]: VPN Enhancement Link