Partnering With Us

As a Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Provider we make a great partner for  IT Service Providers. We can help you solve the last-mile connection issues in a hybrid cloud deployment.

Service Providers

ITDreamwire brings tenants to the doorstep of cloud service providers by enabling the use of their cloud services through an enhanced internet service that prioritizes cloud application traffic. We present these internet enabled cloud services to tenants in commercial buildings via a Building Portal. Tenants are given a selection of available cloud service providers at their building, each of which they can easily connect with. ITDreamwire fills the gap between what ISPs provide and the IT solutions tenants want as a part of their building’s connectivity services.

ITDreamwire works as a customer referral source to service providers as they make their services relevant to tenants at a specific building through the Building Portal. Service providers are further incentivized to work with us as we pay a monthly commission based on tenant adoption of the Dreamwire Internet service.

We also partner with telecom agents and commercial real estate brokers:

Telecom Agents/Brokers – Earn another commission on another internet circuit sale while providing a better quality of service for you customer at no additional cost.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Earn commissions on the procurement of internet circuits associated with your tenant’s needs. Become better informed in your interaction with your tenants’ around their connectivity needs.